Accenture - Federal - Capabilities Specialist/Analyst for Open Source

Job Description

The Work:

Provide timely account management support, including but not limited to enabling the rapid acquisition of tools, and the assignment, reassignment, and/or termination of accounts/licenses/profiles based on the needs of the enterprise. Maintain updated status and metrics of tools and accounts through the open source office’s established tracking mechanism. Assist the open source office in tool training coordination for all users.  Coordinate all capability assessments of existing OSINT/PAI capabilities and emerging technologies, recommendations for integration into the OSINT Toolkit, and plans for moving the tool directly to the operational environment (if applicable). Research and validate capabilities against user requirements.  Conduct interviews and assessments of functional and technical requirements and capabilities.  Assist in determining the best solution needed to address the gaps, overlaps and any possible duplication effort at the enterprise-level rather than at the individual operator’s level.


Here’s What you Need:

  • 5+ years experience performing business consulting or research pertaining to information technology with preference on emerging technology
  • Ability to develop requirements
  • Ability to communicate effectively through regular updates to leadership team and provide inputs to communications for internal stakeholders, such as the Executive team and Board.
  • Experience working with emerging technologies and capabilities and aligning them to use cases and requirements
  • Experience with open source research and  analytic tools
  • Ability to assess and measure analytic tool utility and performance
  • Strong project management, organization, facilitation, and coordination skills, with ability to gather input from many stakeholders

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