Credence Management Solutions, LLC - USAF Sr OSINT/PAI Language Enabled Analyst - Arabic


Credence Management Solutions, LLC (Credence) is seeking a Senior OSINT/PAI Language Enabled Analyst to support the U.S. Air Forces Central (USAFCENT) Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Technical Support program at Shaw AFB, SC.Responsibilities:

  • Provide expert analytic support to Open Source Analysis. Lead/manage the systematic collection of publicly available information (PAI) in the USCENTCOM AOR across subject areas to meet client needs.
  • Provide senior analytical advising for military and DoD civilian. Ad Hoc/anticipated deliverables in coordination with the Government Lead and the COR: Briefings, Tipper Reports, PowerPoint presentations, OSINT summary reports, Social Media Roll ups.
  • Develop strategies and plans for the collection of PAI in response to intelligence gaps, including the tools and methodologies needed to accomplish the task.
  • Develop, acquire, evaluate, and implement PAI collection tools and methodologies, metadata schema, or other information discoverability processes.
  • Lead the integration of intelligence data and information, analyze, and produce open-source intelligence in response to Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIR) on political, military, economic, social, criminal, and counterterrorism issues.
  • Provide PAI research support to long-term, deliberate intelligence products.
  • Apply knowledge of AOR history, local customs, and current events in targeting, assessment, and trend analysis processes.
  • Utilize open source tools, provide near real- time threat warning based on client's criteria, including Essential Elements of Information (EEI) and Commander's Critical Information Requirements (CCIR).
  • Serve as 9 AF (USAFCENT)'s focal point for subject matter expertise on current and emerging PAI technologies and tactics, techniques, and procedures.
  • As directed, leverage all formal and informal analytic exchanges, as well as training opportunities, in order to foster peer-to-peer collaboration, ensure thorough vetting of products, and deliberately pursue/maintain acuity on essential elements of tradecraft.
  • Maintain coordination/collaboration, critical to mission success, with outside entities, including, but not limited to, the National Command Authority; national, international, and service intelligence centers; combatant commands; air components; and wing intelligence.
  • Maintain specialized intelligence and operations community accesses pertinent to functional area to enhance situational awareness and planning support, including, but not limited to, Alternate Compensatory Control Measures (ACCM).


  • Top Secret security clearance with Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) eligibility.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or eight (8) years’ direct relevant intelligence analysis experience
  • At least eight (8) years’ analytical experience at the tactical/operational level within DoD or equivalent Government agencies
  • Former MOS 35F, 350F, 18F, 35D, 34A, or equivalent such as USMC – 0204, 0210, 0211 -
  • Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence (CI/HUMINT) Specialist, 0231 Intelligence Specialist, U.S. Navy – Navy Intelligence Specialist, USAF –1N7X1 Human Intelligence Specialist, 1N4X1 Intelligence Fusion Analyst, 1N0X1 All Source Intelligence Analyst
  • Proficient in utilizing standard computer applications and intelligence related automation to support analytical efforts and product development
  • Familiar with and capable of using social media platforms
  • Be capable of effectively operating as a member of an analytical team in support of Combined Joint Operating Area (CJOA)-I requirements
  • Be able to travel to CJOA-C to provide/receive training
  • Briefing skills to include the ability to clearly articulate information
  • Language Enabled based on current or emerging needs of assigned unit - Arabic- independently tested to ensure ability to listen, read, write, and translate in accordance with either
  • DPLT or ILR) level 2/2 based on assigned unit needs
  • Open Source (OS) 1 training and Introduction to Middle East Cultural Study (Computer Based Training Course) required. If not completed previously, must be completed three months after employment start. Cost will be covered by 9 AF (USAFCENT)
  • Preferred Qualifications:
  • Education –Master’s Degree
  • Experience in either CT, Afghanistan, Iraq/SWA regional issues, HUMINT, CI or military analysis
  • Competed OS301 Basic OSINT Course
  • Completed OS 1 Course
  • Completed Managed Attribution Training
  • Completed OS302 OSINT Analytic Tools Course
  • Completed Air Force toolkit/Berber Hunter Toolkit Training
  • Completed Echo Analytics Group (EAG) – Basic Social Media Analysis Course
  • Complete EAG - Advanced Social Media Analysis Course

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