Chainalysis - Intelligence Analyst

The Global Intelligence Team at Chainalysis is made up of world class cryptocurrency investigators who build trust in blockchains by mapping real-world entities to their cryptocurrency activity - from regulated exchanges to criminal networks. This team builds the core data assets that feed all Chainalysis products.

The Intelligence Analyst will have experience conducting open source investigations, with a focus in sanctions, terrorist financing, and extremism funding, while also utilizing their creative technical background. We measure their success by the insights developed, leading to attribution which provides customers with unique intelligence as it relates to the illicit use of cryptocurrency by sanctioned actors, as well as terrorist and extremist networks.

This candidate is excited to engage in blockchain forensics, keen to take ownership and think creatively, while also being responsive to investigative and technical requirements. As such, the candidate exercises disciplined documentation and analytic rigor for exceptional quality control.

In one year you’ll know you were successful if…

  • Uncovered unique actionable insights contributing to the data platform and broader understanding of sanctions/terrorist financing risk in the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Played an integral role in fine tuning collection requirements and execution strategy to maintain best-in-class data.
  • Performed complex research into unique data sets to identify and process collections for investigative leads.
  • Leveraged their technical background (i.e. Python, SQL) to create solutions to streamline workflows and effectively process large sets of data.
  • Worked across internal teams and clients to provide contextual narrative for observed cryptocurrency activity.
  • Are a certified cryptocurrency professional with all relevant Chainalysis certifications.

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