Deloitte - Cyber and Virtual Currency Analyst

Are you looking to make an impact by helping agencies meet their mission goals through successful implementation and operation of their regulatory, mission or compliance programs? Are you ready to help our clients mitigate risks that arise from transformational core business operational change or ongoing operations? Are you interested in helping clients transform how they operate their business to be more effective? If so, Deloitte's Regulatory Compliance team could be the place for you! Our team brings professionals with diverse skillsets including deep experience in industry, AI-enabled data analytics, statistical modeling, and cloud technologies to help our clients preserve their reputation and public trust of their agencies while managing regulatory demands.

Work you'll do

We are seeking a Cyber and Virtual Currency Analyst to support a contract within our DoJ Sector. The analyst must possess the following experience:

  • Required experience providing integrated cyber, financial, virtual asset/virtual currency, and business analysis with advanced analytics and data science to support national security, criminal, cyber and counterintelligence investigations, and operations.
  • Required experience identifying and tracing funding sources and interrelated transactions.
  • Required experience performing blockchain analytical work in support of multi-agency cyber, criminal, and national security matters and draft actionable reports on findings.
  • Required experience utilizing a variety of commercial, open-source tools, and proprietary data sources, to collect, review, and analyze data with a focus on virtual currency and cyber areas.
  • Required experience assisting with virtual currency, and other related investigations by utilizing publicly available information, financial investigative tools, open-source databases, commercial databases, proprietary contractor tools and data, and government sources of information to identify investigative leads, and other investigative actions and communicate those findings.
  • Required experience developing investigative guidance and best practices for cyber financial investigations. (This includes the development of analytical methodologies, processes, and tradecraft for identifying cyber financial crimes.)
  • Required experience developing mitigation strategies, investigative techniques, and viable forensic methods regarding detection and/or discovery of deception and fraud related to cyber financial intrusions.
  • Required experience conducting targeted research and drafting reports on findings in the virtual asset space.
  • Required experience providing direct operational support in the virtual currency space through the tracing of value using open source, subscription based, and internally developed tools and authoring and/or presenting on the tracing results.
  • Required experience with virtual currency and blockchain technology, to include being proficient in the utilization of virtual currency analytical tools to support and develop investigations in which virtual currencies are being utilized.
  • Capability to provide operational support to investigations by utilizing investigative/analytical tools and techniques to identify actionable leads, gain attribution, and develop proactive informational packages to address the threat.
  • Capability to liaison with other Government agencies to further operational and intelligence functions.
  • Capability to develop tactical products to enhance or generate new leads or investigations through the exploitation of data.
  • Capability to support coordination of Whole-of-Government Campaigns. (The NCIJTF is granted authority to coordinate and support whole of Government campaigns to protect Americans and its allies. This effort will support the NCIJTF campaign life cycle (Nomination, Planning, Coordination, Assessment, and Conclusion) in coordination with United States Government departments and agencies to address the current criminal cyber threat environment.)
  • Capability to work and develop partnerships with private industry and academia to develop strategic intelligence on emerging cyber threats, identify trends and research in the space, and collaborate on the development of analytical tools.
  • Capability to utilize subject matter expertise to exploit multiple technologies and scalable data sets to develop and share key findings and provide analysis and operational recommendations to investigators and operators from United States and foreign government partners, as well as commercial organizations.
  • Capability to analyze intelligence data to assist in the development of informational packages and actionable leads to cyber squads and the United States Intelligence Community.
  • Capability to analyze intelligence data from various sources to assist in the development of informational packages, and actionable leads to cyber, criminal, and national security operations.
  • Capability to conduct thorough forensic financial analysis of business and personal records and developing financial profiles of individuals or groups identified as participating in suspicious or illegal activity.
  • Capability to perform data visualization and/or link analysis relating to financial crime investigations with a cyber nexus.
  • Capability to assist with outreach to try and academia by supporting briefings.
  • Capability to assist the Government in following and/or tracking Centralized Reporting, Coordination, and Deconfliction as it relates to Cyber and Cyber-Enabled Crime Investigations.
  • Capability to collaborate with representatives from government and intelligence organizations to share information or coordinate intelligence activities.
  • Capability to identify potential opportunities for investigations as well as strategic and tactical operations.
  • Capability to validate known intelligence with data from other sources.
  • Capability to create analytical capabilities designed to feed the processes of units in addition to your own, and development of procedures.
  • Capability to compile draft findings and conclusions into financial investigative reports.
  • Capability to create and deliver briefings to provide contextual analysis to United States Government agencies in support of the NCIJTF's Whole-of-Government approach to campaigns, investigations, and operations.
  • Capability to provide support in the preparation of search warrants/affidavits associated with financial analysis.
  • Capability to provide presentations and briefings concerning current cyber, criminal, and national security threats as they relate to financial, or virtual currency matters.
  • Capability to study the assets of criminal suspects to determine the flow of money from or to targeted groups.
  • Required experience in tracing virtual currency transactions in cyber, criminal and national security investigations.
  • Required experience in the analysis of transactions on blockchains associated with cyber, criminal and national security matters.
  • Required experience with virtual currency transaction tracing utilizing blockchain analytical tools/explorers, to include Chainalysis, CipherTrace, Coinbase Tracer, Elliptic and TRM Labs. (To include being certified, or having received training directly from the tool developer if certification is not offered, in at least one of the aforementioned blockchain analytical tools.)
  • Required experience in in reviewing and analyzing records provided by Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) to identify investigative leads.
  • Required experience in planning/hosting virtual asset/virtual currency specific conferences.
  • Required experience in identifying and analyzing virtual asset transactions associated with peel chains, coin joins, chain hopping, asset swapping, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and mixing platforms and services.
  • Required experience with in-depth knowledge of emerging payment systems, including digital, virtual, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Required experience in methodically writing up the tracing and analytical work conducted.

The team

Deloitte's Government and Public Services (GPS) practice - our people, ideas, technology and outcomes - is designed for impact. Serving federal, state, & local government clients as well as public higher education institutions, our team of over 15,000+ professionals brings fresh perspective to help clients anticipate disruption, reimagine the possible, and fulfill their mission promise.

We bring a diverse set of forward-thinking capabilities to help agencies proactively manage risks they face in their dynamically changing environments. Our team assesses and transforms the process, controls, and/or infrastructure needed to help our clients address a wide variety of regulatory and compliance risks. We leverage solutions that align to the end-to-end regulatory lifecycle through leveraging AI technology and innovative solutions that incorporate industry as well as domain knowledge.

Required Qualifications:

  • The position requires a minimum four years of relevant professional experience.
  • Bachelor's degree in relevant skillset.
  • Active TS/SCI security clearance is required.

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