Maximus - Cyber Threat Intel Analyst

Job Description

The position hunts for cyber threats from daily operations and generates Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysis Reports (CTARS), Threat Profiles for dissemination to various stakeholders. This service includes the collection and analysis of intelligence regarding cyber security threats and vulnerabilities as well as the direct and coordinated response to such threats and vulnerabilities.

Hybrid work schedule in Springfield, VA.

Job Responsibilities:

a) Provide daily cyber intelligence reporting specific to our priority requirements.
b)Provide reporting for at least 1 meeting per week.
c)Provide biweekly (as ad hoc) cyber intelligence briefings that illustrate the results of their analysis and the resultant written products that are understandable by non-technical readers.
d)Review intelligence communication on all networks daily and forward to stakeholders as needed.
e)Perform daily outreach activities with members of the community for information sharing and timely reporting which includes the collection and delivery of cyber threat indicators.
f)Monitor various information sources (including public, private, and classified sources) for threats and vulnerabilities using tools provided by FO.
g)Create and deliver Classified Cyber Threat Intelligence Reports based on intelligence, threats, and vulnerabilities utilizing proper safeguards.
h)Ensure that all classified information is properly marked, handled, processed, stored, and destroyed as necessary.
i)Analyze threats and vulnerabilities to determine their impact upon the IT systems.
j)Identify the necessary actions required to proactively mitigate risks posed by threats and vulnerabilities.
k)Perform advanced forensic examination and mitigation for advanced attacks to the infrastructure to include suspected zero-day attacks.
l)Provide a detailed malware reverse engineering report within 24 hours of completing the malware reverse engineering. This report shall be produced in both a classified and an unclassified version for distribution to other departments as well as other agencies and organizations within the intelligence community.
m)Work with other agencies and organizations within the intelligence community at the direction of designated government FO team members.
n)Notify FO regarding procedures and requirements discussed with the intelligence community.
o)Research and obtain pertinent cyber-intelligence within 1 business day of issuance by intelligence agencies.
p)Create and deliver Cyber Security Incident Reports.
q)Provide threat and vulnerability findings within 4 hours of validation to the SOC Threat Analysts for tracking and the deployment of proactive countermeasures.
r)Expected to properly validate threats / vulnerabilities in accordance with the source, criticality of the device, availability of test devices, etc.
s)Attend a weekly FO meeting and participate in a weekly Network Intrusion Working Group meeting.
t)Create and deliver threat briefs and briefings on a daily, weekly, biweekly, quarterly and ad hoc basis.

The analysts will provide these services on a 24x7 (24 hours, 7 days a week) basis. While the contractor will perform “onsite” cyber threat intelligence during normal business hours. The analyst staff is required to maintain their availability on a 24x7 basis as cyber incidents requiring action can occur at any time and on any day.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Top Secret/SCI Eligible (active SCI Preferred)
  • Three (3)+ years of experience in cyber intelligence analysis or forensic analysis, incident detection and response
  • BS degree in a cyber, IT, or related discipline.
    Desired Skills:
  • Familiarity with cyber intelligence threat feeds both classified and open source.
  • Knowledge of different operational threat environments (e.g., first generation [script kiddies], second generation [non-nation state sponsored], and third generation [nation state sponsored])
  • Knowledge of general attack stages (e.g., foot-printing and scanning, enumeration, gaining access, escalation of privileges, ransomware, maintaining access, network exploitation, covering tracks, etc.)
  • Knowledge of incident categories, incident responses, and timelines for responses

Job Summary:

Maximus TCS (Technology and Consulting Services) Internal Job Profile Code: TCS050, T2, Band 5

MAXIMUS Introduction:
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An applicant's salary history will not be used in determining compensation. Maximus will comply with regulatory minimum wage rates and exempt salary thresholds in all instances.
Posted Max: USD $130,000.00/Yr. Posted Min: USD $100,000.00/Yr.

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