Pinkerton - Intelligence Analyst Lead

Dublin, Leinster - Ireland

Job Summary:

The Intelligence Analyst Lead, assigned to a specific client, serves as the subject matter expert on all intelligence-related tasks including processes, support requirements, technical aspects, and operational methods. The Lead will oversee administrative projects, analytical workflow, and routines that maximize team productivity while minimizing possible risks.

Essential Functions:

  1. Represent Pinkerton's core values of integrity, vigilance, and excellence.
  2. Review, edit, and verify analysis and reporting to maintain and reinforce analytic quality standards.
  3. Disseminate data and share delivery data metrics with appropriate client staff members.
  4. Provide counsel and recommendations, based upon a through and accurate analysis, to leadership and client stakeholders.
  5. Assign work to a team and manage workflow to meet required deadlines.
  6. Assess and maintain a variety of situational awareness tools to quickly and accurately advise decision makers on possible courses of action.
  7. Review and utilize diagnostic tools and technology sources to develop complex data compilations.
  8. Identify vendors and technological tools to improve and expedite research.
  9. Prepare, present, defend positions and provide recommendations at conferences, in working groups, and planning sessions.
  10. Engage peer teams to develop impactful projects and workflows.
  11. Deliver new hire onboarding and off-boarding orientation, development, and training of staff, as needed.
  12. Serve as the central resource, responsible for promoting consistency in the client's global security policies, procedures and practices for protection confidence and compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and other compliance requirements.
  13. Collaborate effectively with other team leaders on a global scale.
  14. Identify skill gaps and work with partners to secure training.
  15. Monitor and stay current with security-related proven practices and technology.
  16. All other duties, as required

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