Securitas Inc. - Intelligence Analyst

Distinguishing Characteristics:

  • Knowledge, skills, and ability to monitor multiple OSINT platforms and other data sources to identify risk intelligence and threat intelligence events and/or information that have a potential negative impact to the client and its workforce.
  • Rapidly identify, analyze, assess, and escalate risk/threat information in real time to appropriate stakeholders, and respond to risk/threat events based upon established procedures.


  • The functions listed describe the business purpose of this job or position. Specific duties or tasks may vary and be documented separately. An associate might or might not be required to perform all functions listed. Additional duties may be assigned, and functions may be modified, according to business necessity.
  • All assigned duties or tasks are deemed to be part of the essential functions, unless such duties or tasks are unrelated to the functions listed, in which case they are deemed to be other (non-essential) functions.
  • Associates are held accountable for successful job performance. Job performance standards may be documented separately, and may include functions, objectives, duties, or tasks not specifically listed herein.
  • In performing functions, duties or tasks, associates are required to know and follow safe work practices, and to be aware of company policies and procedures related to job safety, including safety rules and regulations. Associates are required to notify superiors upon becoming aware of unsafe working conditions.
  • All functions, duties or tasks are to be carried out in an honest, ethical, and professional manner, and to be performed in conformance with applicable company policies and procedures. In the event of uncertainty or lack of knowledge of company policies and procedures, associates are required to request clarification or explanations from superiors or authorized company representatives.

Completes tasks associated with these areas of responsibilities:

  • Responds in a timely manner to requests for intelligence information; correlates intelligence and contextual data of cases with data used in preparing briefing materials, presentation briefings, and drafting information papers/articles on intelligence issues.
  • Reviews and verifies OSINT information and reports, Alert Notices, and other relevant data sources; disseminates data via reports or other analytical products, to appropriate client staff members.
  • Provides appropriate response(s) to risk and/or threats to the client and its workforce based upon a thorough and accurate analysis of OSINT alerts and information, and escalates cases to the client manager, Intelligence Coordinator, and information analysis team members as appropriate.
  • Assesses and maintains a variety of situational awareness tools, to advise decision-makers quickly and accurately of potential risk or threats.
  • Researches, evaluates, integrates, and analyzes all-source data in the preparation and presentation of clear, concise, and accurate documentation of risk and threat events in various databases, logs, and other reporting formats prepared in response to collection tasking and other recording requirements.
  • Performs research, analysis, and reporting on threat environments as directed.
  • Directly supports travel protection initiatives through monitoring of employee travel tracking platforms, notifications to employees regarding travel impact events, and requests for employee travel assistance as appropriate.
  • Carries out all duties in an honest and ethical manner, while maintaining client confidentiality.
  • Utilizes interpersonal and communication skills as a professional representative of the company to protect the interests of our client.


Additional qualifications may be specified and receive preference, depending upon the nature of the position.


  • Bachelor's Degree or 2+ years equivalent military/professional intelligence training preferred but not required.
  • 2+ years in the Protective Intelligence or related field requiring review, analysis, and reporting from multiple data sources.
  • Demonstrates strong analytical, problem solving, and organizational skills.
  • Excellent time-management, project management, oral communication, technical writing, presentation development, facilitation, and organizational skills required.
  • Must possess intermediate skills and experience in collecting and analyzing data to produce assessments, publications, and reports.
  • Strong familiarity with all major social media platforms.
  • Must be knowledgeable on world news and current events.
  • Can effectively communicate and interact with internal and external stakeholders
  • Must be flexible and possess the ability to function independently in stressful situations.
  • Knowledge of security procedures, life-safety, and business continuity.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Track and analyze major threat trends for the client and provide limited risk reports (E.G. Viral Outbreaks/Terrorism/Weather Patterns/ and Geo-Political Issues).

Position Reports to:

Client: Manager, Global Risk and Intelligence

Securitas: Coordinator, Threat Intelligence

About Us

Securitas employees come from all walks of life, bringing with them a variety of distinctive skills and perspectives. United through our common purpose, we provide the security needed to safeguard our clients' assets and people. Our core values - Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness - are represented by the three red dots in the Securitas logo. If you live by these values, we're looking for you to join the Securitas team.

About the Team

Our Company Mission:

Securitas' mission is to protect homes, workplaces, and communities by providing the security services they need to protect their assets, safeguard their people, and maintain their ability to generate profits.

Our Values:

Securitas' core values - Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness - are the foundation for our employees to build trust with customers, colleagues, and the surrounding community.


Securitas employees are honest and trusted by customers to safeguard their premises and valuables. We don't compromise on integrity and create an open forum for our employees and customers to voice opinions, report improprieties, and share information.


Seeing, hearing, and evaluating. A Securitas employee is always attentive and often notices things that others don't. Their vigilance is necessary in order to be aware of potential risks or incidents that may take place on our customers' premises.


As part of an on-going effort to ensure safety, Securitas employees are always ready to help if an incident occurs that requires intervention regardless of whether or not it is directly related to their job.

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