Accenture - Strategic Intelligence Analyst – Assistant Team Lead

About Accenture Cyber Threat Intelligence (ACTI)

ACTI is a global team that spans 13 countries and 4 continents and speaks more than 30 languages. We are passionate about delivering intelligence analysis, and providing industry-leading analytic insights, cyber context, and critical services our clients need to achieve their business-line and strategic-growth initiatives. We know success is only possible by developing and supporting our most-critical resources: our talented analysts, developers, and supporting team members. We value creativity and entrepreneurship in our team; where possible, we back staff initiatives with opportunities and investments. We enjoy the hunt. We strive to automate and innovate while working with powerful resources and differentiated data. Above all else, we value an egoless approach to guiding our clients as they navigate their businesses through all aspects of the cyber domain.

Who You Are

You are passionate about cybersecurity and intelligence analysis. You stay abreast of the latest threats, recognize the value of intelligence, and believe it should drive operations. You are a devoted team member who is always willing to lend a hand, mentor a colleague, or increase our global team’s awareness by sharing your knowledge and approaches with others. You are productive, easy to work with, and understand that adherence to a good process is key to excellence.

The Work

The duties for this role will be associated with the Strategic Industry Analysis (SIA) team. As the Assistant Team Lead of SIA in ACTI, you will report to the Lead of the SIA Team of Accenture Security’s Global Threat Team (GTT). In SIA, you will assist the Team Lead in supervising the day-to-day work of a seven-person analytical team focused on both regional and industry-specific cyber threat reporting. In this capacity you will oversee the work flow of the team to include assigning new requirements and reviewing finished products. In addition to your supervisory responsibilities you will also research, analyze, and report on cyber defense, technology, cyber threat actors and groups, and related political and economic conditions. This position involves in-depth research, collaboration with industry specialists and peer analysts, development and maintenance of short- and long-term research projects, production of finished intelligence for tactical and executive audiences, and the presentation of findings through briefings and external engagements. The analyst in this position would also handle the Russia and Eastern European portfolio and would need to have substantive experience on the issues in this region. Russian language ability would be a plus but is not required. Cybersecurity and work experience in a specific industry sector would also be a plus but not required.

Key Responsibilities

Assist the Team Lead in managing the work of a diverse team of cyber threat intelligence analysts.

Discover, identify, and report regularly on significant threats and risks to businesses, governments, and other organizations presented by cyber threat actors and groups originating in global regions and targeting specific industries.

Provide input regarding the ACTI mission and participate in the development and management of intelligence collection requirements.

Develop and produce strategic intelligence reports focused on industry-level analysis of developing cybersecurity threats, events, conditions, and impacts.

Participate in the drafting and dissemination of finished tactical and operational cyber threat intelligence products (reports, briefings, etc.).

Research and analyze cyber threat actors, groups, and events to report on threatening tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), behaviors, motivations, sponsorship, and influencing factors.

Discover, identify, and report regularly on significant cyber threats and risks that emerging technologies present to businesses, governments, and other organizations.

Maintain, develop, and continuously evaluate cyber threat intelligence sources to increase effectiveness and timeliness of creating actionable threat assessments.

Respond to client requests for information (RFIs) and participate in the drafting and production of company threat assessments.

Develop, produce, and deliver high-level briefings and briefing materials on industry-focused cybersecurity issues and threats.

Engage and develop relationships with peers among Accenture Security's clientele and their industries to determine client and industry intelligence requirements, reporting use cases, and feedback on ACTI products.

Assist with Accenture Security engagements that involve on-site and remote work with clients, using subject-matter expertise to help develop, uplift, and mature ACTI operations.

Support Accenture Security business development and marketing initiatives primarily by representing ACTI and Accenture Security as a whole at security conferences and industry gatherings.

Author intelligence works, blogs, etc., distilling complex geopolitical trends into actionable intelligence that clients can synthesize into their decision support processes.

Travel, occasionally, as ACTI is a client-focused organization, and this position may require doing so to address client needs, enhance deliverables, or otherwise support projects.

Here's what you need

  • Minimum of a bachelor's degree or equivalent (minimum 12 years work experience). (If Associate’s Degree, must have minimum 6 years work experience) .
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in strategic, geopolitical, cyber threat, or intelligence analysis, or a related area with a focus on Russian and Eastern European issues.

Bonus Points If

  • If you are able to conduct open-source intelligence collection and analysis.
  • If you are able to conduct cyber threat hunting.
  • If you have a Master’s Degree and five years experience.
  • If you are able to produce intelligence products at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels.
  • If you have knowledge of open-source intelligence (OSINT), social media intelligence (SOCMINT), human intelligence (HUMINT), and technical intelligence (TECHINT) gathering skills.
  • If you have basic knowledge of open-source tools, such as Shodan, Maltego, PassiveTotal.
  • If you have good understanding of the intelligence lifecycle and associated analytic methodologies (Cyber Kill Chain, Diamond Model, ATT&CK, etc.).
  • If you have strong written and verbal communication skills to effectively communicate complex concepts at a high level while retaining meaning and highlighting features in a way that maximizes audience engagement.
  • Fluency in Russian language.
  • If you have strong problem solving and critical thinking capabilities.
  • If you are able to work with a high degree of independence.
  • If you have experience in a specific industry sector such as Resources/Energy, Health and Public Sector, Communications, Media, and Technology, Financial Services, etc.

Desired Skills

  • Strong analytic skills.
  • Familiarity with industry-specific cyber defense practices.
  • Flexibility to complete short-deadline assignments.
  • Knowledge of threat intelligence and cyber defense concepts.
  • Familiarity with cyber espionage groups and cybercrime threat campaigns, including but not limited to their associated TTPs and malicious tools.

Compensation for roles at Accenture varies depending on a wide array of factors including but not limited to the specific office location, role, skill set and level of experience. As required by local law, Accenture provides a reasonable range of compensation for roles that may be hired in California, Colorado, New York City or Washington as set forth below and information on benefits offered is here.

Role Location: Range of Starting Pay for role

California: {{$100,400 to $258,500}}

Colorado: {{$100,400 to $223,300}}

New York City: {{$116,300 to $258,500}}

Washington: {{$107,000 to $237,800}}

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