Social Links - Head of Customer Success

Social Links are currently looking for a high-level Head of Customer Success to join our creative, multinational team. Country: Netherlands.

OSINT Area: Investigations
Company name: Allied Universal®
Job type: Full-Time
Experience Level: Senior level
Country: Netherlands
City: Amsterdam
Salary: NA

Job Description

  • Social Links has more than five hundred clients around the world, for whom we need to design a Customer Success system from scratch. This means you will be afforded a lot of freedom for creativity as well as opportunities to directly implement your knowledge and skill set. This is a very real opportunity to look back in a couple of years and say that you built the Customer Success system that established a Unicorn company.
  • Your main task will be to construct a Customer Success system that will help expand our usership to a client-base of four thousand customers worldwide. We expect you to be a first-rate advisor to our core clients to facilitate their development into outstanding experts in the field, and ambassadors for the company.
  • Your main metrics will be churn rate in percentage, Net Retention Rate in money along with any others that you can decide upon yourself.
  • You will be expected to lead, widen and train the CS team, with clients based in enormous international companies from different parts of the world. We will look forward to seeing you develop superb regional teams in Customer Success Management.

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