SOS International LLC - Social Media Analyst (OSINT)


SOS International LLC (SOSi) is seeking a Social Media Analyst/OSINT Analyst who will possess a sophisticated understanding of online social media and associated tradecraft, and use that expertise to produce in-depth analysis and other related analytical products for the customer. The analyst must have operational targeting experience, senior to expert-level technical/IT tradecraft, language and cultural proficiency, and an understanding of local and regional current events.


  • Conduct online research using industry best practices for misattribution techniques, with a strong understanding of internet footprint/presence and digital fingerprints
  • Consolidate research findings to augment and support ongoing targeting efforts in client spaces, with a strong focus on essential targeting elements of information that enable follow-on actions
  • Leverage open source collection techniques to provide reports
  • Write targeting assessments and respond appropriately to requests for information for dissemination to customer
  • Produce intelligence products by researching, translating, and compiling information
  • Use advanced OSINT and social media collection and analysis techniques to support information requests concerning force protection, indications and warnings, counter threats, counterintelligence, and all source intelligence integration and assessments
  • Assemble, analyze, and prioritize open source material into targeting packages
  • Prepare and present intelligence collection assessments and briefings to customers and advise key leadership of collection issues and challenges as appropriate
  • Provide trends and analysis of social media landscape
  • Provide consultation on how to leverage OSINT data and information, use specialized OSINT tools and services, and consult on the development of OSINT products

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