Southern Poverty Law Center - Senior Research Analyst

This position is a Senior Research Analyst in the Research Department of the Intelligence Project. Senior Research Analysts in the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Project Department are advanced analysts who collect and analyze information on the hard right and white supremacy in the United States. Senior Research Analysts take on specific ideologies or groups and areas of expertise within a team and lead advanced data collection and projects. They are responsible for transforming data collections into insightful, analytical materials — for both internal and external audiences — that support Intelligence Project priorities and SPLC impact goals. Sr. Research Analysts are also essential to helping produce the Intelligence Project's annual reports cataloguing and documenting trends. Senior Research Analysts ensure all information they collect is input into a central database in a standardized manner.
This position will be primarily documenting and overcoming historical legacies of white supremacy in the United States, especially as they are manifested through the perpetuation of Lost Cause ideology with an emphasis on public displays of related symbols and iconography.
The Senior Research Analyst produces impactful content for Whose Heritage? and develops other in-depth publications and reports, sometimes in collaboration with colleagues in other departments or external partners. This researcher will contribute to research understanding and exposing how Tracking, Exposing and Countering electoral extremism. This involves highlighting/analyzing news, trends, developments, and research, and communicating analysis and briefings to media outlets, policymakers, peer organizations, and other external stakeholders.

Primary Job Functions:

  • Collects, enters, and maintains data from various sources, and ensures data integrity;
  • Uses creative and critical thinking to address complex research questions;
  • Research and writing for ongoing projects on the history of white supremacy and racism, including for the publication of the annual Whose Heritage? report. This involves overseeing planning, strategy, process, and execution;
  • Translate historical debates on the Civil War and the Lost Cause for public audiences;
  • Collaborate on development of innovative opportunities for engaging audiences;
  • Utilizes both formal training and self-learning to maintain and advance subject matter expertise;
  • Communicates analysis of complex issues via a range of written products and verbal presentations, including publishing multiple articles, reports, legislative testimony, and/or other types of materials covering area of focus;
  • Answers correspondence and inquiries from external stakeholders, including donors, journalists, policymakers, Congressional staff, and others;
  • Work collaboratively with departments across the organization, including Learning for Justice, Communications, Civil Rights Memorial Center, Policy teams, and Legal departments;
  • Gives external presentations about the department's work, including media interviews and legislative testimony; and
  • Engages in collaboration with local community partners who are working to remove and educate communities about the history and harms of monuments; and
  • And other duties assigned.

Qualifications –
Education and Related Work Experience:

  • Five years' experience researching, monitoring, analyzing, and writing on legacies and history of racism, white supremacy, far-right extremism, and/or related topics;
  • Distinguished publication track record;
  • Demonstrated qualitative research training and experience; and
  • High school diploma or GED.

Knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • Demonstrated interpersonal communication skills;
  • Demonstrated ability to network and engage with external stakeholders;
  • Demonstrated commitment to teamwork and collaboration;
  • Demonstrated ability to write clearly and concisely;
  • Strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills;
  • Demonstrated public speaking experience;
  • Ability to make tough decisions based on competing analytic assessments;
  • Demonstrated familiarity with data management and open-source investigation (OSINT) techniques;
  • Demonstrated project management experience;
  • Computer proficient;
  • Commitment to the mission and values of the SPLC and a strong desire to meld research on far-right extremism with advocacy efforts;
  • Commitment to ideals of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion; and
  • Commitment to fostering an anti-racist work culture and to anti-racist principles and learning.

This is an exempt role, and the minimum starting salary is $80,031 annually. Salary will be commensurate with experience.
Work Designation:
This role has the following work designation options:

  • Distant Remote: Will work remotely and are not expected to work in the states in which the SPLC has an office or in an SPLC office. They may be required to attend occasional meetings or activities in the states in which the SPLC has an office or elsewhere.
  • Local Remote: Will work remotely but is expected to attend work-related activities that occur at the SPLC offices or in the states in which the SPLC operates.
  • Telework: Will work at an SPLC office at least three days per week and may work two days per week from an alternative work location.

Other Special Considerations:
This job is performed under general office conditions and is not subject to any strenuous physical demands or dangerous conditions.
This position is represented by the Washington-Baltimore News Guild.

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