Yorktown Systems Group - Open-Source Intelligence Analyst

The Unconventional is seeking a Open-Source Intelligence Analyst - SME to join our Global Open-Source Network. Country: USA.

OSINT Area: Investigations
Company name: Yorktown Systems Group
Job type: Full-Time
Experience Level: Mid-level
Country: USA
City: Camp Smith, HI
Salary: NA

Job Description

Explore new data sources, create effective queries, and combine information from disparate sources to provide insight to counter counterdrug (CD) and counter trans-national organized crime (CTOC) insights. Provide support and counsel on technical matters. Fuse multidiscipline sources to provide accurate and timely geospatial analysis. Utilize available industry data, including market data available for purchase, outside reports, and other data provided by the requested agency, to identify threat networks. Provide analysis and assessments of commercially available and open-source data, with a specific focus on the geospatial domain, to deliver actional intelligence reports.Search out and utilize available web content and social media content, to construct new OSINT and publicly available information (PAI) tradecraft documents and workflows, and analyze the development of OSINT and PAI tradecraft, including integration across multiple intelligence disciplines and systems .Succinctly incorporate measures of quality assurance and quality control prior to release of intelligence reporting. Apply expertise in operations, intelligence, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and collections to enhance the client mission

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