Amentum - Junior Geospatial Analyst

Amentum is seeking a GEOINT Analyst to support the 389th MI BN process Exploit and Disseminate (PED) Information collected from identified sensors in Ft. Bragg, NC. The GEOINT Analyst will support the 389th MI BN, responsible for executing PED for any sensor directed by USASOC or 1st Special Forces Command in support of Army Special Operations worldwide.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Provide analysis remotely from CONUS PED locations.
  • Perform near real-time observation, analysis, exploitation, and reporting of GEOINT data IAW the DNI ICD 203 and SOCOM Joint PED standards. The contractor shall perform GEOINT PED at the SOCOM Joint PED standard.
  • Generate and perform quality control of intelligence product reports while ensuring adherence to the DNI ICD 203 and Joint PED Standards.
  • Disseminate intelligence reports through a variety of mediums during each assigned work shift. The reports shall be submitted to the active duty service member serving as the mission manager and/or PED officer in charge.
  • Maintain the capability of disseminating intelligence data across multi-domain networks.
  • Assist with operational planning and the 389th MI BN in formulating relevant CONOP and TTP documentation.
  • Assist in validating, consolidating, and prioritizing mission requests from supported units.
  • Attend meetings, video teleconferences, working groups, forums, and technical exchanges related to mission/taskings and on existing technology or new and emerging capabilities that could enhance the BN's ability to conduct PED.
  • Assist in developing and updating SOPs and provide formal training on all assigned systems, capabilities, and TTPs to mission qualify new contractor personnel and, when required, Government and military personnel.
  • Provide multi-discipline all-source analysis fusion (i.e., OSINT, All Source, SIGINT, GEOINT, HUMINT) support and single-discipline analysis (i.e., FMV with MTI and ABI) support to enhance information processed from collected USASOC and SOCOM sensors. This includes the ability to build intelligence preparation of the battlefield products, access and fuse intelligence available from multiple sources, and layer it with collected data from USASOC sensors to provide fused PED end-of-mission products in support of the range of Army Special Operations.

Minimum Education/Experience: BA/BS degree AND 1 year CURRENT (Within 3 Years) AISR FMV experience associates degree AND 3 years of CURRENT (Within 3 Years) AISR FMV experience or HS diploma/GED AND 5 years of CURRENT (Within 5 Years) ASR FMV experience.

Required Specialized Qualifications: Minimum Qualifications: One (1) or more years of experience in tactical intelligence analysis.

To include: One (1) or more years of experience with A- ISR FMV systems and programs, and one (1) or more years of operational experience as an FMV analyst. Knowledge and proficiency using Microsoft Office, Google Earth, and Motion Imagery PED Software along with at least two of the following systems or software: AIDE, DCGS-A, MIRC, PIDGIN, GETS, AIMES, NGDS, GSR, CEDALION, UVDS, OMAR, TLV, UNICORN, and/or PRISMFamiliarity with US Army and US Air Force manned and unmanned A- ISR systems

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