Venable LLP - Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Analyst

Venable LLP’s Technology and Innovation Group seeks an Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Analyst to join the Washington, DC office. This is a non-attorney position.

Venable also provides intel services to our clients. We help clients protect their rights to safety, security, and privacy online whether at a personal, corporate, or professional level. We also offer intelligence based due diligence research and investigative analyses to help clients make more informed decisions on who to conduct business with, invest in, or partner with. Our clients include talent, pro-athletes, corporations, investment firms, and high-net worth families, among others.
We are seeking an open source intelligence (OSINT) and investigative analyst to support our endeavors in this area to conduct extensive online intelligence based investigations. The successful candidate will be a detail-oriented, organized, and creative researcher who is passionate about online investigations, due diligence research, and fact hunting. The candidate will apply critical thinking skills to transform information into actionable intelligence products which aide our clients’ decision-making processes, or protects them from threats online. You will have a passion for piercing through the online veil to get to the truth behind online conduct, false narratives, and online personas.

Must have prior experience as an all source or open source intelligence analyst or a digital investigator.

OSINT/Investigative analyst will leverage open source investigation techniques to collect, monitor, assess, and analyze data from various online sources including social media platforms, news publications, websites, online forums, and onion sites.


  • Transform mass amounts of online information into actionable intelligence products that make sense of the situation and aid clients’ decision-making.
  • Collect, organize, and analyze data from various sources to identify trends, themes, investigative opportunities, and key findings relevant to the investigation.
  • Assess the credibility of data sources, record research steps, and provide appropriate framing and citations for any information reported.
  • Adapt to new research platforms and technologies for various OSINT and due diligence research projects.
  • Write investigative reports tailored for clients’ specific needs and respond to requests for information in a timely manner.
  • Offer clear oral and written communication and be prepared to report and defend findings to client executives and legal staff.
  • Ensure anonymity and security throughout the online research process.
  • Collaborate with team members in an ever-evolving digital environment.

Note that all data to be collected, analyzed, or investigated will be open source information.

Required Qualifications:

  • BA/BS degree or 4+ years of work experience
  • 3+ years of related investigative or analytical experience
  • Military all source and open source intelligence experience strongly preferred coupled with private sector experience
  • OSINT requited, and ASINT, HUMINT, SIGINT preferred
  • Excellent investigative skills
  • Excellent teamwork and critical thinking skills Excellent writing skills (writing sample will be required) Preferred Qualifications:
  • Former crime analyst, or intelligence analyst who may have worked for government agencies or government contractors on intelligence gathering and analysis.
  • Proficiency in Python or methods for automating OSINT.
  • Experience using tools and programs such as Shodan, Google Dorks, Tableau, i2 Analyst Notebook, Dataminr, BabelX, Palantir, TOR, Gephi, or Maltego.
  • Relevant OSINT or PI training and/or certifications.

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